Harrowing Spirit

by Cholernik

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released December 11, 2012

Tyler Okrzesik - Everything



all rights reserved


Cholernik Milwaukee

Everything you hear was created by Tyler Okrzesik.

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Track Name: Acceptance
Surrounded in your dust
I walk the path once fresh
My lone steps I follow
Guided by the blind

Your actions were injust
Filled me with an empty breath
Darkness has swallowed
My remaining time

bring me my impending death
My fate I accept
Brought on by my own wrath
The words I have kept
Bring me my eternal rest
My fate I accept

Free me from my own distress
The thoughts that I have kept

Spiraling down into the void of black
I accept this end and I wont give it back
Solace I have in this cold wretched place
Forget me now and the live i've erased

Repentance once consumed my mind
Agony was all I could find

Finally warm after the end

Living in the realm of peace
Free from the pain of reality
No more regret to haunt me
Silently I rest

Freed from my distress and regret
Quietly I rest in an unending death
Track Name: The Warmth
Sky is falling, blowing
Darkness fading, clearing
Stars emerging, glowing
Heart beating, warming

Blanket of frost takes me
Guiding me through the void

Clearly I see the world made for me
Comforted by the snow I call this my home

Winter's comfort brings me the warmth
Destroys the plains, creates new ways

The stars I see, leading me away
Vastness I saw, diminishing around
The peace they bring, overwhelming inside
The end has come, to the infinite dark days

My mind resting, the old life forgetting
Cleansing in the crystal snow, erasing the past I knew
Visions of promise arise, signs of hope fill my eyes

Complete and utter silence surrounded by the spirit
Faint whispers sustain breath, alleviates desolation

Winter's comfort brings me the warmth
Alleviates desolation
Track Name: Guide Me to the End
searching the trees i have made
a foreigner in my darkest days
A gleam of life, ending the cold
bringing new light, story was told

creating new paths from the ruins
promising my soul the last truth
guiding me through my haunted past
desolation reigns forever

the thoughts were said
your words filling my head
I dream of life without shadows ahead
surrounding me with falsified hope

This fetter's growing strong
Erasing the despair

Guiding me through darkened paths
Blindly I follow

you found my heart and gave it fresh life

buried beneath stones your life lay
exhuming the heart. join it to mine

Creating new paths from the ruins
Promising your soul the one truth
Guiding you through your empty grave
Desolation reigns forever

I dreamt of life without shadows ahead
Ending the cold a new life I was told
I found your soul beneath dead mountains
Falsified hope sends me to the end

Falsified hope sends me to the end
Track Name: A Dream Withheld
Waiting in the cave, counting the days
The silence grows, eternally cold
Venturing out, the woods I wander
One heart I see, as silent as me

Attempting to speak with the one lonely soul
Nothing received but frozen dead glares
Restrained in old bonds, refuses my cares
Vacancy kills the dreams I withhold

Vacancy kills the dreams I withhold

No words were spoke alone I lay broke
Days turn to months and the months become years
Ongoing hope, my mind has wrote
The spirit I need, will set me free

Empty are these woods I call my home
Spirits and souls have left me alone
Abandoned by the one whom reflected me
Warmth the soul brings I will never see

Waiting in the cave, counting the days
The silence growing, eternally cold
Venturing out, nothing I see
No souls around, none as destroyed as me
Track Name: Regret
Follow the dream you have withheld
Guided by hope that appeared
Ascend from where you have dwelled
Forget the truth that was feared
Grab onto frostbitten hands
Accept your last breath

Exhume your soul, lose all strength
Take me, my faith, forfit your life

don't fight, fear not.
feel me, false warmth.
your past is gone.

reminiscing the life you left
disappointed in your last breath
running and descending back home
regretting and forgetting this bleak path
I own your soul, only way out is through death

final escape enters your mind
eternal bliss forever yours
or take my hands live in the void

trapped in this void you realize
joy requires your sacrifice
one last exit, still is looming
the choice is yours